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In All Seriousness…

I dislike talking politics. I also tend to avoid hot-button issues of the international nature, because there are just so many damn perspectives to consider, and someone always gets screwed somehow. (Trust me, I know. I majored in International Studies at one of the top programs in the country.)

But ISIS. Sigh. It’s an issue that cannot be ignored.

And the first step in possibly making a change — no matter how small — is education.

So I’d like to share with you an article by Wait But Why: a crash course on Iraq, ISIS, Sunnis, and Shias. It is incredibly well researched and explained. It adds history, perspective, and even humor to a matter that grows increasingly terrifying by the day.

It’ll be well worth 20 minutes of your day. I promise.


So go on. Sneak a peek, devour its contents, or save for later. Just read the damn thing.

From Muhammad to ISIS: Iraq’s Full Story

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One Response to “In All Seriousness…”

  1. Ken says:

    This is a very good article posted by Tim Urban. However, he’s leaving out perhaps the most critical fact about ISIS that no one seems to bring up anywhere: This terrorist group in its entirety is created by the CIA and the US Military.

    ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and US Military

    And not only that… American allies Saudi Arabis, Qatar and Kuwait are actually funding the terrorist group. So I have to be suspicious about Urban when he says that the US is trying not to get involved with dealing with the ISIS situation, when in actuality they intentionally created this extremely ugly mess in the first place through means of its powerful military and government intelligence agencies.

    America’s Allies are Funding ISIS

    I highly recommend everyone to check out the news site What Does It Mean for news concerning this matter along with other important issues. I learned about this chilling info regarding ISIS from here, and the sources they draw from.

    At any rate, all US mainstream media sources have proven — especially over the last few years — that they cannot be trusted to provide truthful information without fabricating, ignoring, or just plain lying about the finer details mostly because of the CIA’s manipulation of all mass media flowing through this nation.

    I won’t carry on about this stuff any longer since this is not the type of site to host such topics. I enjoy this site too much to bring it down that path.

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