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Martha Stewart Twitter Tickets

Do you tweet? Do you live in the NYC area (or can make it to NYC on September 13)?

Do you ♥ Martha Stewart?

Then this post is for you. I received this email earlier today from the producers of the Martha Stewart Show

Exclusive: Martha’s Twitter Section

Be part of the very first Twitter audience section on “The Martha Stewart Show”! As part of this exclusive group, you’ll get a first look at the season premiere (9/13), be able to live-tweet throughout the show, and share your take with thousands of Martha fans around the world.

To request tickets: visit and be sure to tell us about your Twitter account and why you want to sit in the new Twitter section!

We look forward to hearing from you!

I had previously attended a taping of the Martha Stewart Show that was devoted to bloggers, and loved every minute of it! (Check out the live blog I did from that show here.)

As much as I would love to attend this taping, I am hesitant to drag my fat pregnant arse (I will be 37 weeks then) down to the Meatpacking District, wait on line, and sit uncomfortably in those tiny studio seats. So I will pass, but am happily passing this information along to my readers.

I hope that at least one person I know will be able to make it!

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2 Responses to “Martha Stewart Twitter Tickets”

  1. I got the info too… and would love to go. But it's complicated with a baby. lol But maybe the hubs can stay at home with him and do a solo trip.

  2. Awww, I'd love to go! Too bad I'm out of vacation days! Boo.

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