Feb 15, 2010  •  In Personal, Relationships

The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

It began with a rocky start (more on that on a later post).

But finally being able to see my husband after a week of being apart was simply the best present. I cried like a baby when I came home after work Saturday night and managed to spend the whole day Sunday together.

We slept in, watched reruns of How I Met Your Mother, ordered in, and took naps while cuddling. No presents were exchanged; nor did we make any dinner plans. But this was exactly what I needed after my tough week. It was simply perfect.

I return to work and my parents’ house tomorrow. But after this magical day, I know I can go through the next 4 days with ease.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was as special as mine. Back to cuddling for this blogger!

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4 Responses to “The Best Valentine’s Day Ever”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Aw, that is just the best. Honestly, when it’s that person that means the most to you, snuggling is the best thing you can ever get! Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  2. Jina of JAC says:

    Yug & I don’t usually celebrate v-day but he did manage to get out of work early to come over with some fat sandwiches from cherry valley deli~~ I feel the most loved with someone feeds me =D

  3. Kate says:

    Sounds lovely. 🙂 It’s hard to be away from the one you love, even for a week. Of course, absence does make the heart grow fonder, no?

    Hey, I wanted to let you know about a new project I’m undertaking – one that I think you might find occasionally entertaining. I would love to have you as a reader of Geeklet, if you’re interested.

  4. Sounds so lovely 🙂 We throw a V-Day Brunch party every year, it is always a huge hit! I mean, how could it NOT be, what with all of the mimosas and bloody mary’s…. 😉

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