Mar 4, 2013  •  In Art/Design, Geek

Transforming Dresses

This is the very first time that a dress — or three dresses, in this case — has made me excited about what just debuted at a major fashion show. Not only do they beautifully, gracefully convert into new dresses, all six designs are wearable and not bad-looking at all! (The third one is my fav!)




I doubt that I could pull these off though. Because in order to take full advantage of these transformative garments, you’d need to be nonchalantly doing the catwalk sashay while the dress unfurls around you. AND you’d need to be making the transforming sound effects from Transformers. And I doubt I can do both without making a complete idiot of myself.

Check out the full video of the show below!

Via io9.

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  1. Those dresses make magical-girl transformation sequences A LOT easier.

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