Mar 5, 2013  •  In Beauty

THE Most Comprehensive Makeup Contouring Chart

I’ve been on a beauty kick lately.

I’m not sure why, because it’s not like I go anywhere that would require my getting decked out and putting my best face forward.

But I’ve been finding myself styling brushing my hair and putting on makeup more often. Even if it’s just a short stroll to the grocery store in my yoga pants.

So when I came across this contouring chart from famed makeup artist Jordan Liberty, I knew that I had to share it with you guys. It is THE most comprehensive — and easy-to-follow! — facial contouring chart I’ve ever seen.

Give Good Face

The chart accompanies the contouring video below. Man, what I would’t give to have a professional makeup artist do my face every day!

And, just because I like being a tease…

I have an exciting beauty-related giveaway going live this Friday!  :mrgreen:  What do you think it’ll be? What do you HOPE it’ll be?

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2 Responses to “THE Most Comprehensive Makeup Contouring Chart”

  1. Mary says:

    I can’t see the difference between the model’s before and after shots. And you look beautiful just the way you are Jenny <3

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