Oct 1, 2015  •  In Depression, Geek, Personal, Relationships

The Evolution of Happiness (And an Announcement)

We all know that what made us happy as children may no longer apply. But is it just a matter of our tastes changing? Social psychologist Jennifer Aaker, PhD, theorizes that your happiness is not based on your likes and dislikes, but rather, the motivating forces that drive you. Our definition of happiness tends to shift every 5 or 10 years, […]

Jun 6, 2015  •  In Asian, Beauty, Depression, Korean, Personal

On the Upside…

I’ve been battling some health issues as of late. And with the addition/subtraction of various meds and therapies in an effort to properly treat the problems, I’ve predictably been in a bit of a funk. I’ve made no efforts in the past to hide my struggles with depression, and I am not about to now. However, at […]

Oct 17, 2013  •  In Depression, Parenting, Personal, Relationships

Screwing Up My Kids

In all my years of receiving therapy, there is one psychologist who stands out in my mind…and not in a good way. She was an empathic woman who immediately helped me feel at ease. She certainly had a way of helping me feel warm and comforted and understood, and I almost always felt better after our […]

Oct 7, 2013  •  In Depression, Personal

Darkness Comes Again

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the following comic strip in a Buzzfeed article titled “21 Comics That Capture the Frustrations of Depression“: (source) There were many comics on that list to which I could relate all too well, but this one particularly hit me hard. And before I knew it, tears were flowing […]

Sep 5, 2012  •  In Depression, Personal, Travel

In a Funk

It’s easy to act happy. It’s easy to say, “Good!” and paste a smile on your face when someone asks you how you’ve been doing. It’s easy to get off your ass and do things that are required and/or expected of you. Heck, it’s even easy to act all chipper and upbeat on your blog, lest […]