Apr 29, 2010  •  In Books, Personal, Touching, Toys

Calvin Grown Up

This made me tear up… I unfortunately do not have any toys I can pass down to my children. I always preferred books over toys and never developed an attachment to any particular item. There are, however, many many many books that I’d love to read to my children in hopes that they will love […]

Apr 29, 2010  •  In Baby, Personal, Relationships

Starting to Get Excited for Our Girl!

So I’ve had an entire night to sleep on it. And after thinking about it some more, talking to my mother and some girlfriends about it… …I’m starting to get excited! I think one of the reasons I was so shocked at the news is because I had a gut feeling from the beginning of […]

Apr 29, 2010  •  In Baby, Personal, Pregnancy

The Gender Reveal

It’s a GIRL! After the NT scan, I thought that we had a bold and outgoing child on our hands. But this ultrasound certainly made me change my mind — she was a shy one, constantly covering her face with her hands and keeping her legs tightly crossed. It took quite some pokes from the […]

Apr 27, 2010  •  In Blogging, Personal, Web

Protecting My Domain and Moniker

I recently discovered that a blogger has taken to using the “Geek in Heels” moniker for her own site. (Thank you, Google Alerts, for giving me the heads-up!) The blog is relatively new and does not seem to have many readers. However, the writer is Asian like myself and our blogging topics are bound to […]

Apr 27, 2010  •  In Funny, Web

The Geocities-izer

The Geocities-izer. Its tagline says it all: Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old in 1996. Complete with a MIDI file playing in the background, animated GIFs, and glaring color schemes. Oh, the horror! Via Neatorama. You may also like: 13 Reasons Why Humans Are the Cutest Animals Website of […]

Apr 26, 2010  •  In Comang, Personal, Pregnancy

Do I Look Like a Mom Yet?

Sometimes, when Comang is lying on his back, I like to grab him and hold him in my arms like he’s a baby. When Comang is tired he lets us do whatever we want to him, so he can lie in this position quite comfortably for a while. Just before J snapped this photo, he […]

Apr 26, 2010  •  In Personal, Pregnancy

17 Weeks

I spent last week at my parents’ house where my mother proceeded to spoil me rotten with homecooked Korean food and whatever else I was craving. “Don’t ever ignore your cravings or your baby will come out with crooked eyes!” she repeatedly told me. (Now that’s one old wives’ tale I can get behind!) I […]

Apr 25, 2010  •  In Finance, Personal

Is This Discrimination?

Earlier this week I was helping out at my mother’s dry cleaning store when a woman threw a hissy fit at me. She had brought in some slacks and a women’s shirt. As I entered these items into the computer, she held up the shirt and said, “I would like this to be charged the […]

Apr 22, 2010  •  In Personal

Remembering Tater Tot

Today was to be the due date of our lost baby. I will never forget you and will always hold you close to my heart. I look forward to the day when I can meet you in heaven, when I can finally hold you in my arms and tell you face to face that I […]