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33860 Feet in the Air

You guys, I am writing this while sitting in an airplane, 33,860 feet over the state of Illinois. How friggin COOL is that?!?? Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know in-flight WiFi has been around for a while now, but it’s been years since I’ve flown, so you can’t blame a girl for having geekgasms over this technological wonderment.

Fluffy widdle clouds over Illinois

Per usual Jenny fashion, travel has not been mundane thus far. It began with a devastating discovery: a white hair, plainly visible among my dark-brown-almost-black hair. It’s only my second-ever white hair (the first was during a particularly stressful period 2 years ago), but it was still enough for this 31-year-old to almost lose her sh*t in the women’s restroom at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport.

I decided to stay positive by telling myself that this must be my body’s way of telling me that this vacation was long overdue.  😉

Then, as I sat in front of my gate playing 7 Little Words, a red alert box popped onto my phone’s screen which screamed, “Tornado Alert!” Seriously? Yep. Gothamist confirms that a tornado touched down in parts of Queens and Brooklyn.

Lastly, when we reached cruising altitude and I eagerly took out my laptop to…well, to do what I’m doing now, it wouldn’t power on.


What kind of scanning machine did the TSA use on my baby?!? Did the shuttle driver mishandle my laptop bag? Oh I will SUE his ass! Is it possible that the plane is giving off some type of radioactive waves that are rendering my laptop useless? Can I find someone in LA to drive me to an Apple Store so someone could take a look at it?

I frantically performed a quick web search via my phone (seriously, how did we ever survive without smartphones?), and after a few minutes of fumbling and cursing under my breath, I was finally able to get my baby to boot up after an SMC reset. Phew.

Here’s to hoping the rest of my vacation goes a bit smoother. 🙂

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  1. Brooke says:

    A friend of mine got a large streak of white hair on the crown of her head in college after her mom lost her battle with cancer. She’s never dyed it, since it helps remind her of her mother. Though it’s a pain when people ask if she put it there on purpose or if she’s Rogue from X-Men.

    Good luck with the rest of your travels and hope you enjoy yourself!

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