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Two Counts of Medical Drama, Act Two

I brought Aerin to see an ENT specialist on Friday morning, just before I headed over to my parents’. And what the doctor found wasn’t too pretty. First, he found some obstruction (a combination of dead skin cells and earwax) deep inside her ear canal. He was able to remove it with a special instrument, […]

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An Update on Aerin

Yesterday, we had our final meeting with the Early Intervention (EI) evaluation and placement team. They recommended that Aerin meet with a developmental interventionist twice a week, and a speech therapist twice a month. I became rather upset after this meeting. Not because they were saying Aerin is delayed and needs therapy (I have accepted […]

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Aerin’s Developmental Assessment

Yesterday, two ladies from the state early intervention program stopped by our home. NJ’s early intervention program assesses a child in the following areas of development: Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills Communication, Speech, & Language Social/Emotional Development Cognitive Skills Adaptive/Self-help Skills In order to be eligible for early intervention services, the child must have […]

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“Let’s Wait and See”

Note: this post is a follow-up to Stunted, where I express my fears about Aerin’s developmental delays. We had our appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. And after listening to my concerns, examining her, and observing her interact with me and others… The doctor said, “Let’s wait and see.” He agreed that she is definitely slow […]

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A few months ago, at about 17 months of age, Aerin came down with a bad cold. Just a few days after recovery, she developed roseola…and a week after that, she got an ear infection. All in all, she was sick for the majority of a month. As one might expect, she lost a ton of […]

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Some Recent Claire-isms

As Claire grows older, it’s becoming apparent that our elder daughter is quite the character. If she’s not awing those around her with her keen sense of observation and imagination, she is cracking us up with her anecdotes and attitude. I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite stories from the past few […]

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Friday PicDump, 05.24.2013

I haven’t been able to take too much pictures this week because I have a nagging cold. Not the fever-aching-gawd-kill-me-now kind, but the annoying type that makes me cough like I have a 2-pack-a-day habit and go through half a box of tissues a day from all the snot that comes oozing down my nose. […]

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Sisterly Love, or Lack Thereof

They say that the average age difference between siblings is 2-3 years. And wouldn’t you know it — now that Claire is 28 months old, many of my mommy friends whose first children are around her age have steadily been giving birth to their seconds in these past few months. I’m happy for my friends […]

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That Moment When…

We both knew it would happen one day. We just didn’t think it would be so soon. Yesterday, at 28 months old, our Claire Emmanuelle outsmarted us. Okay, not exactly “outsmart” in the veritable definition of the word. ( out·smart : to get the better of; especially : outwit )  More accurately, she performed a mental feat […]