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Yesterday was our last full day at home before I leave for Korea. 😎   The reason for my week-long (9 days with travel time) trip back to the motherland is a cousin’s wedding. I was actually supposed to visit Korea earlier this year for another cousin’s wedding, but decided to cancel the trip in light […]

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Miss Me Yet?

On my way back from Montréal, I was detained at the U.S.-Canadian border for the transportation of contraband items across international lines. I was subjected to a full-body search, a background check, and a lengthy interrogation. Eventually, my family was forced to contact the U.S. embassy to plead for my release. Just kidding. What really happened […]

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Service for One

So I know room service is a complete rip-off. And I am perfectly aware that there exists not one, not two, but three restaurants in this hotel…including a cafeteria-style eatery full of delicious, fair-priced food and a full-service Starbucks. But having passed out at 3am whilst flipping through cable TV, Waking up at 5am (because […]

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33860 Feet in the Air

You guys, I am writing this while sitting in an airplane, 33,860 feet over the state of Illinois. How friggin COOL is that?!?? Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know in-flight WiFi has been around for a while now, but it’s been years since I’ve flown, so you can’t blame a girl for having geekgasms over this technological […]

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In a Funk

It’s easy to act happy. It’s easy to say, “Good!” and paste a smile on your face when someone asks you how you’ve been doing. It’s easy to get off your ass and do things that are required and/or expected of you. Heck, it’s even easy to act all chipper and upbeat on your blog, lest […]

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Parenting WIN [Flying with Babies]

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! We had a fun-packed weekend of parties, cakes, and Korean BBQ. 🙂 For those who traveled this past vacation — especially with babies, no less — here’s a salute to you, and an inspiring story of consideration from the parents of 14-week-old twins. Yesterday, Redditor gigantomachy uploaded the following […]

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This Past Week…

I went out for the first time in I don’t even remember when and two great things happened. The first: I got carded!  The second: I got hit on by three different guys — mama’s still got it! I was rewarded for my adventures the next morning with a raging hangover. I definitely can’t handle […]

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Our Family’s First Trip to the Beach

…was a big fat FAIL. This past Saturday, J and I loaded up the car, strapped both girls into their car seats with me sitting uncomfortably between them, and drove a little over an hour to Long Island for a day at the beach with family and friends. I was admittedly uncomfortable with the idea […]

Jul 6, 2012  •  In Infographics, Travel

Then & Now: The Real-Life Values of Monopoly Properties

Does everyone who plays the classic boardgame Monopoly know that its properties are based on actual streets in or near Atlantic City, NJ? And since the game was conceived in the early 20th century, the property values must have changed drastically, no? This was the rationale behind Movoto Real Estate, who took it upon themselves […]

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Giveaway: Plaid Doctrine Eco Messenger Bag!

Today I am very excited to be introducing Plaid Doctrine, a travel accessories company that crafts its products from recycled bottles! Plaid Doctrine was created by Suzanne Park, who logged 300,000+ miles traveling for work and found herself frustrated with the travel gear available today. She says, “I searched high and low for my last […]