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Game of Brands: The Game of Thrones Houses as Modern Corporations

Stock photo website Shutterstock has followed the steps of other brilliant marketing campaigns that have used their products in advertisements to appeal to the geek crowd.

Taking advantage of today’s popularity of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice novels — as well as the Game of Thrones television show! — they have taken six of the Great Houses of Westeros, took into account their strengths and cultures, and transformed them into modern corporations with their own distinct brandings.

What’s more, they did this using stock photographs from its extensive database. 🙂

Take a look below — I’m especially loving Air Targaryen! (But then again, I may be biased because Daenerys is my favorite character from the series.)

Arryn Communications

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_arryn_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_arryn_3

Baratheon Security

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_baratheon_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_baratheon_3

Greyjoy Cruises

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_greyjoy_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_greyjoy_3

Lannister Investment Group

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_lannister_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_lannister_3

Stark Outfitters

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_stark_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_stark_3

Air Targaryen

game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_targaryen_2 game_of_thrones_modern_corporations_targaryen_3

Don’t you think more companies should take a cue from Shutterstock while promoting their ideas and products? After all, which other group has as much clout as geeks and die-hard fanatics when it comes to spreading ideas through the web? 😉

Be sure to check out Shutterstock’s original blog post to read more about this project, learn how they arrived at each modern-day equivalent, and see the original stock photos!

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