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My Reaction to USAir Flight 1549

Earlier today, a US Airways plane carrying 155 passengers crash-landed into the Hudson River.

I immediately had three reactions to the incident.


Reaction #1: Pray for the passengers and crew

I have only began to re-realize the power of prayer and I love the impact it is having on my life. My prayer only lasted a couple of minutes, but tears undeniably pooled in my eyes as I prayed for the passenger and crew’s safety, and thanking God for delivering them from what could’ve been an even more horrible incident.


Reaction #2: “Frickin’ Birds!”

My friends and family have always made fun of me for my fear of birds.

“I told you so” seems so befitting, yet unsurprisingly inappropriate.

Immediately following the incident, my Facebook homepage was filled with new status updates from friends wondering if Al Queda has been training birds as a new form of attack.

At least Best Week Ever found humor in it: “The crash was reportedly caused by a flock of birds disrupting the engines, marking the most annoying documented appearance by birds since the game Ninja Gaiden.”


Reaction #3: Behold the power of Twitter

Last month the first report of a Denver plane crash was published via Twitter.

This incident was no exception. I first found out about the crash-landing through Twhirl, the application I use for Twitter.

And predictably, the first close-up pictures of the plane were published to a Twitter account as well.


Judging by my three reactions, I think it is safe to say that I am a religious, dorky, and geeky nut.

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