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POP! Goes the Baby…

A big “con” of having an anterior placenta is that I will not feel the baby move as early, or as often as other mothers. Luckily, I first felt the sensation of fluttering butterflies at 16 weeks…but not much since.

The big exception was when we went on our babymoon and I felt her swimming around whenever the plane changed altitudes. But other than that, there have been slight flutters here and there but never frequently and hardly exciting.

Last night, as I was doing the dishes, I distinctly felt a “pop” in my lower abdomen. Like a big, STRONG bubble bursting inside my uterus. The sensation was so particular and distinct that I immediately placed my wet soapy hands on my stomach. And it happened again…

…and I was able to FEEL it from the outside!

Later that night, I felt a short succession of pops as I lay on the couch cuddling with Comang. And I was definitely able to feel those with the palm of my hand too.

Unfortunately, the popping stopped as soon as J placed his hands on my stomach.

It’s amazing how my being able to feel her move has gone from 0 to 100 in just one day, because I woke up to the feeling of her popping this morning too!

Maybe I should start calling her “Piggy,” after guinea pigs who popcorn:

As the pregnancy progresses, I know that I will eventually be able to see her move from the outside too. I know this is perfectly normal, but the prospect freaks me out a little because it reminds me of the Alien movies.

How far along were my mommy readers when you first felt the baby move? Did your stomach move like the video above when you were further along in your pregnancies?

P.S. — I promise to catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates soon, along with updated belly pictures. You won’t believe how big I’ve gotten…my stomach seems to have “popped” overnight too!

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8 Responses to “POP! Goes the Baby…”

  1. Bethany says:

    YES! I remember my belly doing the same thing as that video. I remember her stretching out and i was laying on my side and she would push me up a bit and poke out on both sides. It hurts a bit at the end because they are so big. If you’re not really really feeling it soon, just wait. You will soon enough and then you’ll be tellling the baby to chill out and quit moving so much!:)

  2. Amber says:

    My belly totally looked like that a few times, but she was mostly turned to face inside with her butt sticking out next to my belly button . Bethany is right, it HURTS later!! It was funny that I didn’t even notice I was having contractions because I thought it was just her moving around!

    I felt random swimming feelings at 17 weeks, like, once. THEN started feeling them really at 19 (a few times a week), and at 21 it was constant. After that she never stopped until she was born. 🙂 It was most common when I’d wear underwear that hit right about where her head would be (low bikinis) and she’d get annoyed. Babies really move when you’re on your side like that video. Piper would push off against the bed when I’d lay on my side, it was nuts!

  3. I felt the butterflies at week 16 I believe, but the official first kick – was at 18 weeks.
    I kept saying too that its kinda alien-esque, but its beautiful at the same time. I can spend hours watching my belly move. I really hope you get to witness that, even if your placenta is "in the way"

    I will most defintely miss my belly once I give birth. 6 more weeks to go. crazy how time flies!!!

  4. Ashley says:

    I started feeling tiny flutters around 18 weeks, I think. I was so bummed because I wanted to feel them sooner, but I couldn’t really tell. Shortly thereafter, I could start to feel them from the outside (maybe 20 weeks?) Now I feel him ALL the time. It doesn’t hurt yet, thankfully. Lately, if he’s not actually moving, he positions himself right next to my bellybutton and just kinda sits there, poking his little butt out (I assume that’s what it is, it’s not hard like an elbow or anything). It totally weirds my husband out, but in a good way. 🙂

    And I can’t help but think of the Alien movies, either. Thankfully, I can just look at the ultrasound pics for reassurance on that one.

  5. kalen says:

    My belly does that – I have a few videos online 🙂 I also have an anterior placenta, and I actually feel quite a bit of movement – it’s just mostly down low/on the sides. And if you want to know the truth, I feel *blessed*. Because of my placenta, I rarely EVER get really painful kicks to the ribs/lung area, because my placenta acts like a pillow and buffers the painfulness/strength of the kicks.

    I felt her around 15/16 weeks and pretty regularly after that, with days of rest in between. Around 28 weeks, it became quite consistent. Now, at 34 weeks, I feel her all the time it seems like. Those she still naps for an hour or two at a time, and the movements are different (like rolls/bumps instead of jabs). 🙂

    Sounds like she had the hiccups!

  6. mindy says:

    THAT IS SO SCARY!!!!!!!

  7. Geek in Heels says:

    @Kalen — that’s a great way to look at it! I have heard from friends that kicks can get quite painful, especially towards the end, and now I can look forward to when the baby gets strong without any fear of painful kicks. Thanks!

  8. shortie says:

    I have an anterior placenta as well, and first felt the baby “Pop” (just as you described) at 13 weeks, 6 days, but felt her very infrequently until about 15/16 weeks. Now that she’s so big, I can see her through my tummy quite easily – the outline of an arm, the nub of an elbow, a turning head. Very creepy-wonderful. My mother says that near the end, I should be able to see the outlines of her feet if she presses against me.

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