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I’ve been cooking a lot more in the past few months in order to save money.

Many women say that they do not have the time or energy to cook dinner after a hard day at the office, so I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I work for a non-profit and get to leave work at 5pm every day. I usually get home, have a bit of “me” time to relax, then start dinner. By the time the food is ready to be served, J comes home from work and we dig in.


갈비 (galbi, or Korean marinated ribs)

My famous linguini in in white clam sauce

된장찌게 (dwenjangjjigeh, or soy bean stew)

I have the best source for recipes: my mother. I know that everyone says their own mother is the best cook, but my mom really is a great cook. So good that her friends are always asking for recipes. So good that every Thanksgiving, she gets “orders” from various people for her famous turkey.


Beef 오무라이스 (rice omelette). The heart and smiley face are all messed up because J bought such a large bottle of ketchup that I had trouble controlling it. The smiley face looks a bit like Joker (why so serious?)

Digging into the Beef 오무라이스

I have posted pictures of some of my dishes on Facebook, and friends have been asking for recipes.


시금치국 (sigeumchigook, or spinach stew with clams and tofu)

감자탕 (gamjatang, or potato & pork stew)

게살전 (gehsaljun, or Korean style crab meat pancakes)

삼겹살 (samgyupsal, or sliced pork belly)

순두부찌개 (soondoobu jjigae, or silken tofu stew with seafood)

육개장 (yookgaejang, or spicy beef and vegetables soup)

Beef & vegetable curry over rice

돌솥비빔밥 (dolsot bibimbap, or rice cooked over a stone pot, mixed with veggies and beef, a fried egg, all mixed in a spicy pepper sauce)

So the question is: should I start posting some recipes on this blog? Is anyone interested? Perhaps I’ll create a “Recipes” section?

Whatever I decide, I know that I’ll never post the full recipe for my best dish, my famous 갈비찜 (galbijjim, or braised short ribs) – J has forbidden it. He says that only he has the privilege of being able to eat it whenever he pleases. So I guess if you want some, you’ll have to come over for dinner. 😉

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  1. haha i know this is a late response, but I just found your blog and am really enjoying it!.

    Please post up more recipes, esp of the ones pictured above.

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