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“Sent From My…” Email Signatures

I was reading Lifehacker’s The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid (or At Least Be Aware Of) and was surprised to read that email signatures containing “Sent from my iPhone/iPad/BlackBerry/mobile” made the top of the list.

I honestly don’t mind these signature lines, as almost all of my iPhone-toting friends still use the default “Sent from my iPhone” email signature that comes standard on the device. If anything, I like seeing how my friends and acquaintances keep in (electronic) touch.

As a matter of fact, I have set the default email signature on my own phone to say the following:


Sent from my Moto Droid
(Powered by Evil Ninja Monkeys)

Most of my friends are aware of my obsession with evil ninja monkeys (see the footer on this blog) and I figured that adding that line would add some personalization in addition to showing my pride as an Android fan. Furthermore, by adding this signature I hope that the recipient of the email would understand if the reply is short, as most of my emails tend to run long and personal.

I will, however, use a more professional email signature or none at all if the recipient is a professional contact.

What about you? Do you use an email signature on your mobile device? Do you dislike the “Sent from my…” email signatures?

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22 Responses to ““Sent From My…” Email Signatures”

  1. Opiboble Inte says:

    I do find them kind of rude, sort of like they are trying to shove it in your face that they have a fancy toy. I know it isn’t true, most people are just lazy or don’t know how to change it but that is just what pops into my mind (I am broken like that)

    I do like yours though, you don’t just run with the crowded on the default sig, you made it personal and funny. Now if everyone did a twist on the default signature like that (making it kinda funny and less "look at me!") I think the world would be filled with more smiles and less contempt.

  2. Nani says:

    I like it because it lets me know if your on the go or at home in front of a computer. It makes it easier on what I can send you. My Mytouch does it automatically. Honestly until you mentioned this I didn’t even realize it.

  3. Sunny says:

    I’m with your first commenter. I don’t like it, it just seems kind of rude to me. I have it turned off on my blackberry. People don’t need to know where I’m replying to them from and I just find it more personal.

    I think it just depends on the person. I don’t like it so I turn mine off. It doesn’t bother you so you have yours on, to each his own. =)

  4. JulieBelle says:

    Wow, it never occured to me that people could be offended. Mine just says "sent from my mobile device." I keep it there because I think it excuses some typos that might sneak in that I would be less likely to make if I had a full-size QWERTY keyboard at my disposal. Ditto the fact that when I send messages on the go, they tend to be shorter.

    So I actually thought that people would be LESS offended by my short, typo-ridden message if they knew I sent it on the go. Live and learn, I guess.

  5. Heidi says:


    I have "sent with love from my iPhone" myself and people always seem to get a chuckle. I’m generally lazy and don’t send too many emails from my iphone, other than occasionally to my boss/husband/family but my boss was surprisingly the first to actually comment about how she liked my signature 🙂 *shrug* to each his own?

    (love your signature btw! that’s awesome 🙂 )

  6. Stephanie says:

    I use a signature! I never even thought that people might find it rude… For my work cell it’s "Sent via Blackberry, excuse my brevity and typos." The intent is three-fold: 1) It excuses my brevity and typos, 2) It explains that I am away from my desk and often keeps people from nagging me for things I would get hit with if they thought I WAS at my desk, and 3) Everybody else has one… 😉

  7. C says:

    I like them because I think they excuse the author from little typos and punctuation errors! It never occurred to me that they’d be "annoying". People tend to write shorter and more succinct messages from their phones, so this is also a way to convey, "I’m not trying to be curt, I’m just typing from my tiny phone and this message is taking me 3x as long to craft on here than it is on a computer." I never realized anyone thought it was annoying.

  8. Jen says:

    What? People think it’s rude that my emails say "sent from my iphone"??? Jeez, that is crazy harsh. I also don’t think it makes me lazy that I haven’t changed it. I think it shows people that I cared enough to respond, even though I am away from my computer. It also tells them that is why my email might be a little short, and I can’t attach files.

  9. Zahraah says:

    I have been guilted into changing it to something more amusing. It probably is rather unecessary and a little pretentious, and finding new ways to be less sheep like is always good

  10. Em says:

    Oh i’ve totally left mine alone. However I don’t send work emails from my iphone, only personal correspondence. I highly doubt any of my friends are offended. In this day and age? Everybody emails and responds on the go! Oftentimes i forward an email from my iphone to my work email, type my long ass response, then send it back to my iphone, then copy it into an email. So there’s a HUGE email response, saying "from my iphone". Well, that’s b/c we have blocks at work on personal email accounts like gmail and yahoo! If someone thinks i’m being rude, well, I’ll stop taking my time to respond to their emails =]

    I would like to include a more personal/nicer signature, but I never know what to say without feeling dumb =\

  11. BB says:

    I think I turned my signature off, but now I’m wanting to put some android humor on there.

  12. kittastic_kat says:

    I don’t feel like it’s rude. I use mine because I don’t want people to think all I do is sit in front of my computer all day and immediately respond to emails. But I do like the revision offered by that guide about excusing the brevity…it gets the point across that is important.

  13. Amir Talai says:

    It’s not rude, but it’s the unnecessary embedding of an advertisement for iPhone in every single one of your communications. Unless someone’s paying me, I’d rather not advertise for them. I just deleted my sig, but I might recommend putting something funny, or maybe a link to a website that you care about.

    • Travis says:

      Amir nailed on the head. I completely agree. I see the default signatures as being a cheap grab at free advertising.

  14. Caroline says:

    At the moment, I still have it as the usual ‘sent from my iPhone’ but I’m always looking for something more interesting and fun! I like to make my friends laugh! One of my friends doesn’t have a phone at all so when she replies to my emails, she always adds something like ‘sent from my cheese grater’ which is great to jazz up the emails. I love how we both change them each time to try and out-do each other – it’s great fun! I just wish I could find something that would make everyone chuckle everytime they read it! At one stage I had ‘innotively sent by the magical pixies working inside my iPhone’ but I feel like it’s time for a change. (feel free to use that one if you want to make yours a bit more fun!) so I’m searching the web now to find something totally fun and new that will make my emailing conversations even more fun (:
    Oh and if you think the ‘sent from my iPhone’ message is ‘rude’ or ‘arrogant’ then just change it to something more fun!! There’s nothing wrong with adding some light humour to each email, and where better to do it than in your personal signature!

  15. Robson says:

    I believe that each person has their own reason: ostentation; explain to the reader to possible typos are due to be writing a cell, to show the smartphone that uses X, and if the person uses the smartphone Y, will know that is not fully compatible …

    When it launched the iPhone 2, one person commented that he had received my e-mail, “Sent from my iPhone” … I noticed that everyone who receives this signature will play something different, and certainly different from what I want to show! So, I changed my signature to “Sent via phone, please excuse
    typing errors. ”

    I’ve received from friends: Sent from my Atari 2600, sent from the Future; Sent from my iPhone via 3G, Orange. I love the phone but my service sucks! ; The latter was a friend here motherfucker, kkkk: Sent from your mama’s house 😛

  16. JS says:

    I don’t think it is rude at all.
    If you think it is a grab at free marketing then change the signature to “sent from mobile device”.
    Personally, I think it shows my employer commitment when I check and respond to work emails when I am away. As a coach, I think parents appreciate that I make an effort to stay in contact even when I might be with my family.
    I agree, to each their own…… I’m sure there are much bigger issues to get worked up about.
    Sent from my couch.

  17. jenny says:

    haha this is so funny

  18. Cortney, TX says:

    Miraculously typed from my tiny little iPhone keyboard

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