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Thanksgiving Day Goes to the Dogs

My dog Comang is obsessed with my sister’s dog Dante. Not in a “I have a crush on you” way. Nor in a “I want to hump the crap out of you” way. It is pure, unadulterated OBSESSION wherein the entire world disappears save for this one Cairn Terrier mix.

My poor furbaby, whom everyone says is one of the most well-behaved dogs they’ve ever seen, goes into a frenzy when Dante is within sniffing vicinity. He follows him around everywhere, goes into hyperventilation mode, and even loses control of his bowel movements (this is the dog who has never had an accident in our house). He does not mount; rather, he stands behind Dante and makes humping movements.

Quite literally, he becomes another dog.

Seeing the two of them interact is quite a sight to behold. While Dante loves people, he hates other dogs. Comang holds no exception. Growling, snapping, and mounting ensues. After some time, Dante gives up and tries his best to run and hide.

This past Thanksgiving, my sister and Dante stayed with us for an entire day and night. The holiday certainly became a memorable one due to these dogs…especially when Dante found the perfect hiding spot.

Curiously, Comang is fine with other dogs. It is only Dante that brings out this frenzy from within, leading my sister to inquire: “Dante, why are you so sexy?”

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was a better one than Dante’s!

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