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The Best Cheap Shampoo…EVER

A couple of months ago I forgot to bring my shampoo while staying at my parents’ house.

I stood in the shower pondering my choices. I could use my sister’s Herbal Essences, or the cheap Costco brand that has been sitting in the corner for more than a year.

The thing is, I’m ultra-sensitive to smells (I have always been this way) and if a scent hits me the wrong way, I’ll feel dizzy and nauseous. Hence the lack of candles, oils, etc around the house. My scent sensitivity has naturally heightened with the pregnancy, and so I have only been using unscented or lightly-scented products as a result.

Herbal Essences is NOT lightly-scented. I took a whiff of the stuff and immediately gagged.

So I tepidly turned to the Costco brand — aka Kirkland Signature — and pumped out the teeniest amount. Hmm, not too bad. In fact, the smell was quite pleasant!

I proceeded to lather it into my hair, rinsed, and finished the shower.

As my hair dried, I began to notice just how shiny and bouncy my locks had become. I ended up having a great hair day that day and continued to use the shampoo for the duration of my stay.

I ended up stealing that bottle of shampoo from my parents’ house. (They didn’t mind — they didn’t even know they had it!) I raved about the stuff to J and soon, I discovered that he had started to use it too, ignoring his fancy-schmancy Japanese brand name shampoo.

We ended up finishing the gigantic 40 oz bottle and I immediately looked to replenish my supply. We unfortunately do not have a Costco membership (the only nearby shopping wearhouse is BJ’s), but there are sellers on Amazon who carry the shampoo. The single bottles are no longer available, but the two-packs are ready to be bought at the incredible price of…$12.98.

That’s right. $12.98 for two 40 oz bottles.

Go grab your own right now. Gift the other bottle if it’s too much — whoever receives it will thank you.

Don’t trust my glowing review? Try googling the product and you’ll find nothing but praises for the shampoo. I think that the only reason it isn’t more popular is because Costco generally sells it in the two-packs, covered in cellophane which makes it almost impossible for potential buyers to sniff the product.

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4 Responses to “The Best Cheap Shampoo…EVER”

  1. My husband and I were shopping at Costco one day and in dire need of shampoo, I picked up some Garnier (not my fave, by far). My hubs picked up the Kirkland brand seen above, and I thought "yuck, that won’t be good." We brought both home; my sucked, his ROCKED. I love that stuff!! I wish it didn’t have sulfates in it, but I use it nonetheless. It’s great!

  2. Hazel says:

    Another great shampoo is BIG from Lush. It’s lemony with big lumps of rock salt. My hair feels so clean and light after I use it and I’ve got fine, blonde, straight as the road to hell hair. ‘Aussie’ stuff is great too especially their Colour Mate leave in conditioner. All pretty cheap. Unfortunately we don’t have CostCo in Ireland. Oh well!

  3. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to get this after I’m done w/my huge 40 oz Dove shampoo!

  4. Carol says:

    Awesome!!! I love great finds like these! Too bad my hair is highlighted and colored… anything with sulfates strips my hair of color but I’ll spread the word about this 🙂

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