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The Reason for My Claw Fingers

(Also, a major reason I have been MIA and probably will be for the next week or so…)

Final Fantasy XIII was released earlier this week.

I have only had time to play two days, but in those two days I managed to log over 26 hours of gameplay. I officially reached the halfway point (according to the guides) tonight and managed to let J pry the PS3 controller out of my fingers — which are stuck in nasty claw-like grips — for him to start playing too.

J forwarded me this comic on Tuesday, right before he came home with the pre-ordered game, and I found it hilarious and extremely fitting:

I’m loving the game so far. It started slow with a slightly confusing plot, but as I continued to play and the pieces of the story fell into place, I simply became addicted. Just like a good Korean drama. In addition, the graphics are simply amazing with no dip into the uncanny valley at all.

However, I must say that FFXIII is still no match to what I believe to be the best Final Fantasy game to date: Final Fantasy VII. There is a reason Square Enix decided to make a feature movie out of it. It’s just that good.

short interlude:

I had a crush on Sephiroth (I tend to have crushes on animated characters. Others have included Gambit of X-Men fame and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.) and I cried like a baby when Aeris died. And Cloud! My my what big hair…and sword…he has!

FFVII is also the driving force behind my famous 36-hour game binge. I’m being completely serious here — I really did play for 36 hours straight!

Is anyone else a devoted Final Fantasy fan? Anyone else enjoying FFXIII at this moment?

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3 Responses to “The Reason for My Claw Fingers”

  1. Suzie says:

    FF was our favorite game series growing up, my brother and I LOVED those games.
    My husband brought home FFXIII earlier this week and I’ve had to set time limits so I’m not a zombie at work, only logged 11 hours so far.
    I’ll have to show my husband that comic!

  2. Jessica says:

    I just started playing it today; you’re right in that it is very slow and confusing in the beginning, but I’m glad to know it will clear up!

    FF6 is my personal fave, but 7 isn’t far behind. 😀

  3. Amy S says:

    I never was into video games, because my first one was when I was a teen and I royally sucked at it. Tetris, I will admit, is the shiz to me. Anything else where I have to kill things or I’ll get killed, nope, can’t do it. I’ll lose! 🙂

    That being said, my husband got this game and he’s been playing a lot. He won’t even let me talk in the same room as him while he’s playing or bring the puppy in because of her latest obsession with squeak toys LOL!

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