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Take the “It Can Wait” Pledge and Win a BlackBerry Q10!


Confession: I have texted while driving. Have you? (YES, texting at a red light counts!)
If you have, consider this sobering fact: more than 100,000 crashes a year involve drivers who are texting.
Wanna know something that’s even more alarming? Nearly half of all adult commuters and 43% of teens admit to texting while driving (TWD). And, as the highest consumers of smartphones, Asian-Americans are at an increased risk to the dangers of texting while driving. (But don’t think that just because you’re not Asian, you can get away with it!)
This needs to stop. NOW.
AT&T’s It Can Wait…

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Goofing Around with Cymera [Plasticizing Myself]


Over the weekend, my friend Carol posted “before” and “after” photos of herself using the smartphone photo app Cymera. Unlike most western photo editing apps, this Asian app (I’m pretty sure it originated in Korea, since its homepage is hosted by Cyworld) allows you to make numerous beauty edits, many of which are obviously catered for the Asian standards of beauty: large eyes, slim face, and clear, smooth skin, just to name a few.

Everyone — including myself — who commented on the photos said that she looks better in the “before” version. I added that apps like these must…

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Microsoft Glass [Parody]


While Microsoft may have plans for a Google Glass competitor, the company has yet to confirm anything. For all we know, the project may have long been scrapped.
But that doesn’t mean the interwebz can’t have some fun poking fun at a possible Microsoft Glass, right?

If you’re unable to view the video for whatever reason, here’s a GIF version. It’s difficult to read the words, but you still get the idea. 

Via Reddit.…

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Prey: An Essential for Gadget Lovers


I left one very important item off my Samsung Galaxy Note II review. (And as soon as I finish writing this, I will be updating the review with a link to this post!) And that is Prey — an open-source software that lets you track (and potentially recover) your stolen laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

I know there exist tons of anti-theft software in the market today. What makes Prey stand out from the rest is that it is powerful, versatile, and FREE (for up to 3 devices).
Here’s what happened when I reported my cell phone as missing. I…

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My Samsung Galaxy Note II Review


A couple of weeks ago, I gathered up some information (how long I’ve been with Verizon Wireless, how much I spend per month, how I always pay my bill on time, and what other carriers are offering) and made a call to customer service.
“My current phone is DYING,” I pleaded. “I’ve taken it to the Verizon Store several times, and even performed two hard resets in the past month. I still need to restart it at least once a day to keep it running. I know I’m a few months away from my upgrade eligibility date, but is there…