Jun 19, 2012  •  In Gadgets, Geek, Personal

Intrigued by the Microsoft Surface…

So this was announced yesterday: (image source) As someone who vastly prefers physical keyboards to those on touchscreens, I can’t help but show some interest in the new Microsoft Surface. And as much as J and I love Apple computers, we aren’t fans of iOS due to its restrictive platform. Both of us own Android […]

Dec 11, 2011  •  In Cute, Gadgets, Personal, Travel

All Airports Should Have BannerXpress Kiosks

Last month, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport became the first airport to install a BannerXpress kiosk and the banner printing machine couldn’t be more popular. Installed at the airport’s arrivals area, BannerXpress allows friends and families of passengers to create and print “welcome home” banners with custom fonts, graphics, messages and background images. The kiosk accepts debit and credit […]

Dec 8, 2011  •  In Apple, Funny, Gadgets, Geek

Siri Now Tries Too Hard to Help People Get Abortions

Regardless of your stance on abortion, you can’t deny that these mock-ups, created in response to the reports of the iPhone 4S digital assistant’s inability to find abortion clinics, are pretty damn funny. 🙂 Via Happy Place. You may also like: If NFL Quarterbacks Were Mobile Phones… Conan’s Honest iPad 2 Promotional Video Power Issues […]

Nov 29, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Cute, Gadgets, Geek

The Cutest (Little) Printer You’ve Ever Seen

I may be a geek and a gadget-lover, but I don’t always embrace new technology. I like to stay old-school in some aspects of my life, including my preferences of old-fashioned books over e-readers, physical keyboards over touchscreens, and even a pad & pencil over many phone apps. And this is precisely why I love the […]

Nov 28, 2011  •  In Baby, Funny, Gadgets, Geek, Guest Posts, Parenting

Guest Post: iPhones for Babies

In this day and age, I honestly do not know a family (in real life, not ones I only know through the internet) who never lets their babies play with their touchscreen phones or tablets. In fact, the Nabi Tablet — the first Android tablet that is designed for kids — is currently at the […]

Nov 22, 2011  •  In Funny, Gadgets, Geek, Toys

Things to Tell Our Grandchildren

I would like to add one more: “I am older than the internet.”  😀 Via haha.nu. You may also like: Conan’s Honest iPad 2 Promotional Video The Secret Lives of Superhero Toys Lego Representations of the 50 States Microsoft Glass [Parody]

Nov 4, 2011  •  In Apple, Gadgets, Geek, Guest Posts

Guest Post: I’m a Mac. No, a P.C. Neither? Both?

The following post comes from Nodakademic, a blogger-wife-student-professional (yeah, I don’t know how she does it all either) who resides in the chilly state of North Dakota. I really enjoy her blog and I think that we can be friends in real life if we didn’t live so far apart. Isn’t it funny how blogging can help […]