Dec 25, 2011  •  In Personal

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

We weren’t going to do a Christmas card this year because we kept missing the opportunity to take a family portrait…but wouldn’t you know it — we came across an extra 15 minutes on Christmas Eve to set up the tripod, make ourselves presentable, and snap some pictures of the four of us! Believe it […]

Dec 23, 2011  •  In Beauty, Blogging, Giveaways, Personal

A Holiday Break and Another BB Cream Giveaway!

I have decided to take a holiday break from blogging. 🙂 So barring unforeseen circumstances, this will be my last entry until 2012. I won’t be completely offline though. You can still find me sporadically posting stuff on my Facebook Page, Pinterest, and Twitter. But because I didn’t want to keep you guys completely hanging for over […]

The Big Red Bow Event

We’ve all seen the commercials. A doting spouse surprises his or her significant other with a brand new car for Christmas, complete with a big red bow on top. A screenshot from this year’s “A December to Remember Sales Event” commercial And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Does anyone actually do that?” […]

Dec 18, 2011  •  In Blogging, Funny, Web

12 Meme Days

Considering that the 12 Days of Christmas now costs over $100,000, this version is a more affordable — and certainly more humorous — option. Merry Rage-mas and Happy Meme-days! Via Rage Comics. P.S. — Geek in Heels is today’s featured blog at BlogAd’s gift-a-day holiday calender! For a limited time, get 30% off the purchase […]

Dec 17, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Funny

If Seinfeld Was Aired Today

Seinfeld meets social media, iPads, and smartphones. Good stuff. 😀 Via C-Section Comics. You may also like: Marvel Comics: What If? How Archer is Just Like Futurama Famous Movie Directors as Chefs The Secret Lives of Superhero Toys

Dec 16, 2011  •  In Facebook, Funny, Geek, Web

George Takei Is My Social Media Hero of the Week

First, he shares this on Facebook: Then he posts a video on YouTube encouraging Star Trek and Star Wars fans to unite against Twilight: And now, he goes and does this (click to view large): As Redditor dwightmoody says, “Adding him as a Facebook friend is like inviting a zany gay neighbor from a sitcom into your living […]