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Guest Post: Geeky Halloween Costumes

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween (once again, laziness plays a big part in this) but I know that many of my readers cherish this holiday. So when reader Stephanie offered to do a post on geeky Halloween costumes, I enthusiastically agreed and looked forward to the post with anticipation. And as you can see below, Stephanie did not disappoint. Enjoy!

Did you know that Halloween is just around the corner? That’s hardly any time to find a costume, make your favorite creepy treats and — alright, alright — three weeks isn’t just around the corner, but that just means that this is prime-time for costumes. I’m personally a huge fan of a good costume. My last two were Amelia Earhart and Edie Sedgwick.

(That’s me and some of my co-workers and my Shaun of the Dead boyfriend.)

So while I’ve got my own costume underway (it’s a secret!), if you are keen on making your own costume this year, here are a few ideas that should feed your creative appetite. If you are looking for a killer costume and you’re going solo, one of these could fit the bill…


Find the deets on this costume by Sarah McPherson here! That make up could be fun…


Or the methods for this crazy (no, not photoshopped) desaturated santa.


Maybe you’re looking for a group costume? Here’s a stunner:

Handmade! Find out more or try your own sweet LEGO costume.


Inspired? There are a lot of crazy cool costumes out there, and you don’t have to build a lifesized LEGO chef to have a great one. All it takes is a little creativity, dedication and innovation. All of these costumes were well-thought out!


Here’s just one more to blow your mind:

This superb costume by Jonathan Gleich is actually mounted on a Segway. See more here!


Hopefully this post has your thinking cap strapped on tight. Or maybe you already have a costume planned out? Fill me in (and tune in again soon for more costumes and party ideas)!

About the Author:

Stephanie is a third year college student, splitting her time between her laptop and sewing machine (and of course school and work!). When she’s not planning another do-it-yourself project, she catches up on what’s new in the blog-world and regales readers with her latest creations and revelations via Real Fine Place. If you like clever projects, innovation and authenticity, she would love to meet you.

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4 Responses to “Guest Post: Geeky Halloween Costumes”

  1. Amber says:

    Last year I was Princess Peach… I designed and made the whole thing. This year I am going to be Flo from progressive. I LOVE geeky costumes. I wanted to try and be Final Fantasy Football but don't have the figure to pull off Final Fantasy girl outfits.

  2. thisstephanie says:

    My best friend was Peach last year! It's such a fun costume. And my gosh, I've always wanted someone to be Flo, she's just so cheeky! 🙂

  3. I am living in California. Some one pls suggest me a store here to buy lego costume.

  4. blillalig says:

    Splendidly written. I affection to read about make and fashion.

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