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Thoroughly Depressing Comics About Our Relationship to Facebook


A friend — who is very active on Facebook with over 1,000 friends and numerous subscribers — had shared the article to her timeline. The response was swift and immediate.

Grief. Denial. Rage. Threats to move to other social networks.

Only then did an astute commenter point out that the article was a hoax; there was no need to panic.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of this incident when I came across these clever and powerful comics yesterday.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?  ;-) 




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A Comprehensive Chronology Chart of Disney Movies

Ever wonder where exactly in known history (or future) your favorite Disney movie takes place? Or how they compare chronologically to other Disney films? Now, you can, with this handy chart from Disney’s New Groove.


Aish, the creator of the timeline, explains:

Disney movies in order of historical setting. (Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)

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A couple of months ago, we noticed a small lump under Aerin’s left lower eyelid. (You can kinda see it in the first picture from this post about summer camp.) It wasn’t painful and it didn’t seem to bother her, so we took the “wait and see” approach.

But over the weeks, the lump grew larger and redder. We took Aerin to the pediatrician who suspected the lump to be a sty and — because it hadn’t gone away on its own — prescribed an antibacterial ointment. In addition to the ointment, we were to give her warm compresses, and hopefully the sty would go away on its own.


When Aerin’s eye didn’t get any better after 10 days, we visited the pediatrician’s office again. This time, we saw another doctor from the practice who prescribed an oral antibiotic. His recommendation was the same: medication and warm compresses. If it didn’t get better within a week, we were to call and get an referral for a pediatric ophthalmologist.

As you can probably guess, it didn’t get any better. And when we finally saw the ophthalmologist, he told us that the lump wasn’t a sty, but a chalazion. (A sty is a bacterial infection, while a chalazion is caused by a blocked oil gland.) Chalazia do not respond to medication, so the antibiotics we had been giving her were for naught.

The good news was that because the blockage was external and not internal, and because Aerin’s vision was not affected, she would not need surgery. He told us to continue to apply warm compresses to the area, and that the chalazion would eventually pop on its own.

And a few days ago, it did pop. While Aerin was in the bath. And you guys, there was SO. MUCH. BLOOD. (It probably looked worse because we were in water, but still.) And she cried SO. MUCH. :cry:  When the bleeding finally slowed, I applied some petroleum jelly to the area and covered it with gauze, then covered that with a large bandage.


I considered taking her to the ER that night because a thin layer of skin had actually peeled down, exposing about ⅓” of raw, bleeding skin. J told me that I was overreacting — as you can see from the picture above, Aerin was in considerably better spirits after we dressed the wound — and told me that the doctor could wait until the next day.

Aerin woke up a couple of times that night from discomfort, and at 5am she shook me awake to hand me the bloody bandage she had ripped off. I quickly examined the wound to see that it was scabbed over, and decided to leave it alone and let it air out for a few hours.

Aerin’s eye the next morning

I called the ophthalmologist’s office as soon as it opened, and they were able to fit us in for a quick examination. The doctor told me that the chalazion looked good, but because the wound was larger than what he usually sees, he prescribed an antibiotic ointment to apply to the area for the next couple of days.

He told me that the wound may continue to open/pop, ooze, and scab over for the next couple of months (!), but there is no need for concern unless it gets larger, or shows signs of infection.

And that’s what’s been happening for the past few days. Aerin’s chalazion continues to open, then scab over, and open, over and over again. All we can do is keep the area clean and try to keep her from picking at the scabs.


The picture above was taken right after the wound had opened again, so it looks a lot worse than it actually is. The swelling has gone down considerably and Aerin continues to be in good spirits. I know it could’ve been a lot worse and we should consider ourselves lucky, but it just sucks to see an injury on your child whenever you look at her face, you know? Here’s to hoping the chalazion will heal quickly and without any further complications… 

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Fascinating Ways in Which ‘Based on a True Story’ Movies Differ from Real Life

I think most of us are smart enough to know that Hollywood takes a lot of liberties in making its films more marketable to audiences. Even if a movie is “based on a true story,” it can be safe to assume that many changes were made to the original narrative in order to make it more likable, entertaining, and relatable.

Still, I was shocked to read some of the actualities revealed in 24 Movies Based On a True Story (That Are Full of Shit). I’ve picked 10 of my favorites below — did you know about these?


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Amazing 200-Year-Old Desk with Insane Hidden Drawers and Compartments

Isn’t it funny how the littlest things can bring back long-forgotten stories from memories past? Because the first thing that crossed my mind upon seeing this secretary cabinet was not “Holy crap, that’s SO COOL!” (that was my second thought), but a recollection of a beloved, long out-of-print book from my childhood: Midnight in the Dollhouse.

(Has anyone else read that book? I was never into dolls as a kid, but I loved the idea of the dolls coming alive at night when the humans weren’t looking. Kinda like Toy Story, but set in the 1800s.)

Anyways, I know that not everyone likes watching online videos, so here’s an animated GIF of this incredible, 200-year-old, handmade wooden desk to whet the appetite:


I mean, what respectable geek doesn’t like hidden compartments?  :lol: 

The original video is only 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, so don’t be afraid to witness this working marvel in its full splendor:

As for Midnight in the Dollhouse, you can be sure that I’ve added it to my list of “books I must get for my children because I enjoyed them so much as a child and dammit, they will love them too!”  :-P 

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