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All Hallows’ Eve 2013

Happy Halloween from the Geek in Heels clan!


My little Ewok (Aerin) and my kickass Chun-Li (Claire) wish you all a safe and memorable holiday. I’d prefer the picture above were of one where they are posing together, but trying to get a decent picture of them in one frame (i.e., a non-blurry shot of them both facing toward the general vicinity of the camera…they don’t even need to be smiling!) is akin to pulling teeth these days.

But seriously. How cute are my daughters?  :mrgreen:

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OMGz I Want This Book

As if being a huge fan of J.J. Abrams who also happens to be a book nerd is not reason enough…

A few months ago, geeks worldwide went into a guessing frenzy when Abrams’ production company tweeted the following:

The secret is finally out, because the mysterious trailer was for a book, which Abrams conceived and written by award-winning novelist Doug Dorst.

Simply titled S., the book is actually two books in one: the first, Ship of Theseus, written by fictional author V.M. Straka, and the second, the story that plays out between two strangers within the handwritten margin notes and the documents placed between the book’s pages (letters, cards, notes, and such).



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Tubes in Her Ears

Aerin has been doing wonderfully with her speech and developmental therapies. In just one month, the number of words she says has more than doubled to over 50, and she has even started to put together two-word sentences. (e.g., “Blow bubbles,” “Juice please”) She can now count to ten, and tries her best to sing along to familiar songs.

I really believed her hearing was back to normal, and both her therapists agreed.

We were wrong.

I brought Aerin to our follow-up ENT appointment this past weekend, confident that the doctor would give her a clean bill of health. But as soon as he examined her ears, he shook his head and said, “There’s still a buildup of fluid behind her eardrums. The medicine doesn’t seem to have helped…”


Since Aerin has had fluid in both ears for over 2 months (but more likely since January, when she got her first and only ear infection), adversely affecting her hearing (and subsequently, her speech and development), the American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends that she has tubes placed in her ears.

Our doctor explained that it is a simple procedure, one that is not uncommon among children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. But it is still surgery, with anesthesia and an IV. The risks are small, but they exist.

We decided to schedule her for surgery right away. Unfortunately, the first opening they have available is November 25, right at the start of the Thanksgiving holiday week. Since the next available appointment wouldn’t be until mid-December, we took the November slot.

Despite the bad news, I’m encouraged. The fact that not only one but two professionals believed her hearing to have been fully restored due to the tremendous progress she has made in the past month tells me that not only does she have the aptitude and motivation to catch up to her peers, she will most definitely do so once her hearing is back to normal. There’s also the fact that both therapists continually remark on her intelligence and her ability to pick things up quickly and correctly. :-)  (It’s true — her developmental therapist tells me there are certain activities Aerin can do that most kids her age can’t do for another year.)

Here’s to wishing… and hoping… and thinking… and praying…

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Star Wars MBTI Chart

Update, 11/9/11:
I was contacted by a rep who kindly informed me that the original post, and the accompanying chart, is in violation of copyright and trademark regulations. I have updated both the body of the post and the chart in accordance with their request. I have done my best to preserve the message and mood of the original — sorry to anyone who finds this an inconvenience.

By now you’ve probably seen the viral Harry Potter characters’ Myers-Briggs types chart. When I first happened upon it last month, the timing could not be more uncanny; a friend had mentioned that her personality type had changed drastically over the years, so I had just taken the test again myself.

Is it more common for your type to change over time, or to stay consistent through the years? Because for me, all three times I have taken the full test — over the span of about a dozen years — I have received the same result: ISFJ.

(So according to the Harry Potter chart, I’m Neville Longbottom. Perhaps I too, will have an unforeseen moment of kickassery one day? ;-) Also, if you don’t know your type, you can take a test here.)

I know that the 16 Personality Types is not a perfect system — some people even liken it to astrology — but I think it can be informative and fun nonetheless. For example, I was driven to tears when I read the Portrait of an ISFJ and ISFJ Profile because it so accurately described what I had been struggling with at the time. (Don’t judge; I was having a tough week!) I also found it amusing to ask close friends’ types and to read up on them, to see how closely they match these archetypes.

I also came across other psychological type charts like the Harry Potter one mentioned above: Avatar, Star Trek, Kingdom Hearts, and even My Little Pony!

So of course I had to look for a Star Wars one…but I couldn’t find any. :-( There were tons of sites discussing the possible psychological personality types of the various Star Wars characters (with a few actually getting into heated arguments!), but no chart. At least, none that I could find.

So I decided to create my own. What do you think?


And because this is the World Wide Web and I am posting this on a public blog…

…and because this is Star Wars and we fans can get pretty intense…

I am not a psychologist and reading about the 16 Personality Types is just a passing hobby.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I do not know every nuance about the films and the characters in the extended Star Wars universe. My methodology for choosing each character was:

  1. Brainstorming (i.e., what name comes up first as I read each personality type description?)
  2. Scouring to web to see what others think
  3. Picking what I believed to be the best fit based on what I read on these sites and what I know of the characters

I’m well aware that there may exist other lesser-known characters who may fit some of these archetypes to a T, but I decided to go with the more popular ones because I’m a sellout not everyone is a big Star Wars fan (yeah, I don’t get why either) and I wanted the chart to be more relatable from a pop culture standpoint.