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Last week, my mother told me something that made me want to lock myself in a dark room and sob like a little girl.

You see, Claire had told her, “엄마는 다정이 안좋아해. 엄마는 효정이만 좋아해.” (“Mommy doesn’t like Claire. Mommy only likes Aerin.”)

Now, I know that kids often say things they don’t necessarily mean. And both J and my sister think that she was probably trying to get extra attention (and gifts!) from my mother. After all, she’s been playing off, and sometimes even taking advantage of people’s emotions since she turned 1!

But I can’t help but think that at least a portion of that statement must be rooted in the truth.

Because Aerin’s hearing is still impaired and she requires extra attention from us. Because we send Claire to preschool while Aerin stays home with me. Because Claire has seen Aerin’s therapist work with her on more than one occasion and I could tell that she wanted to participate too. Because — although I try my best not to — it’s natural to coddle the baby of the family and we tend to be stricter with Claire (because she’s older and hence has the ability to better understand boundaries and consequences).

I imagine that Claire has been feeling more neglected and left out even more so in the past week as Aerin fell ill. And I can confidently say that she will feel worse next week, when Aerin gets her surgery.

My fav shot from Claire’s first school pictures

Isn’t this how it starts? A family pays more attention to a particular child — whether due to an illness or through sheer favoritism — and the other, more neglected child(ren) ends up acting out to get attention? How sometimes, that cry for help arises in the form of destructive behavior or even mental illnesses such as Münchausen syndrome?

Damn, being a mother is tough. I guess all I can do is to give Claire as much extra love and attention as possible, and keep reminding her that I love her and her little sister equally.

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Because Sharing is Caring [Memos from Nick Fury]

Last week, both kids received their flu vaccines…and they’ve been coughing since. Claire seems to be holding up pretty well, but Aerin’s dry cough turned into phlegm-y, hacking fits which progressed to a fever. And with her surgery date so close, the doctor advised us to keep an extra watch on her.

Like most kids, Aerin tends to get overly clingy when she’s not feeling well. So it’s no surprise that I got a little sick too…

I think it goes without saying that these past few days have not been fun. And while I have a ton of half-finished posts in my drafts folder, I’m having trouble mustering up enough brain power to complete any of them.

But since I love sharing interesting things I find online, I felt the need to drop by and plaster this blog with these mock memos from the desk of S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury:


The agents responsible for taking Captain Rogers to a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’, and convincing him that was how the war ended, have been identified, and have forfeited their furlough time until they provide him with a proper History textbook and debrief him.

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Olympic Athlete Bodies, Side by Side

They’re the best of the best, aren’t they? The cream of the crop, the pick of the litter. The finest, most talented, and most dedicated athletes at any given moment.

You’d think they’d somewhat resemble each other.

Okay, so I know that people come in all different shapes and sizes. And it’s obvious that there exists different standards and physical advantages for different sports. But looking at these Olympic athletes side by side, I couldn’t help but be surprised at just how different their body types are.

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Happy Birthday, Aerin!

As of 9:20am today, our Aerin Isabel turns 2 years old.


When I updated our speech therapist on the status of Aerin’s hearing — that she is, indeed, still hearing impaired and will need tubes placed in her ears — the reaction was one of pure shock. “Just judging by the tremendous progress she has made in the short time we’ve been together, I would have never guessed that she still has trouble hearing. What a trooper!”

Aerin is, without a doubt, a trooper for having endured such a large portion of the past year with an impediment. For not letting that get in the way of her adventurous ways. For refusing to live in the shadows, and trying ever the harder to learn and speak and be heard.

Sure, she is still shy and withdrawn around strangers. Yes, she can be quite the stubborn little booger and her tantrums the stuff of legends. But beneath all that is an intelligent and passionate little girl who just exudes love and joy.

In other words, I can’t wait to get to know her better. :-)

Happy birthday, my sweets. I love you more than words can say.